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Moving Toward a Cleaner, Safer, Healthier Environment

Healthier Ecosystems

Urban Conservation Treaty for Migratory Birds

In April 2003, Houston became the fourth city in the Nation (following New Orleans , Chicago, and Philadelphia ) to sign an Urban Conservation Treaty for Migratory Birds. Houston 's location is in the path of the heaviest migration on the Central Flyway. An Urban Conservation Treaty for Migratory Birds is a partnership agreement between a city and the Fish and Wildlife Service to conserve migratory birds through education and habitat improvement. Every spring, tens of millions of birds from more than 250 species make their way across the Gulf of Mexico to the United States and Canada . Ponds, lakes, native trees, and other plant life in city parks can provide important resting and breeding grounds for thousands of birds that fly through Houston every fall and spring. The Service provides challenge grants and technical assistance, while the treaty city develops and implements bird conservation projects, provides matching dollars and in-kind support, and develops additional partnerships. Backed by more than $340,000 in grants and in-kind funds, the treaty is a partnership between six Houston-based community organizations, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and ConocoPhillips.



Cleaner Air

Addressing Global Climate Change

Cleaner Water

Cleaner Lands

Healthier Ecosystems

A Cleaner, Healthier World Community

Healthier People

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