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Moving Toward a Cleaner, Safer, Healthier Environment

Addressing Global Climate Change

Developing Cleaner Coal Technologies
Coal is a reliable, affordable, and abundant domestic energy resource. The President’s Coal Research Initiative is a $2 billion funding commitment over 10 years to foster the development and use of cleaner coal technologies. This program serves to improve the environmental performance of coal power plants, by reducing emissions and improving efficiency. A key element of this initiative is the $1 billion FutureGen project, described above. As America puts its ingenuity into the creation of new, clean-coal technologies, it will help not only Americans, but developing nations that also base their economies on coal.



Cleaner Air

Addressing Global Climate Change

Cleaner Water

Cleaner Lands

Healthier Ecosystems

A Cleaner, Healthier World Community

Healthier People

President Bush’s Performance-Based FY 2005 Budget


September 2004