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Moving Toward a Cleaner, Safer, Healthier Environment

Addressing Global Climate Change

Nuclear Energy
The Department of Energy has taken steps to encourage nuclear power as a clean, reliable, and affordable source of electricity in the coming decades by: (1) supporting deployment of new, Generation III nuclear power plants by the end of the decade; (2) demonstrating the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s new licensing processes to site, build, and operate new nuclear power plants and developing advanced nuclear power technology; (3) launching research on advanced, proliferationresistant nuclear fuel cycles, including technologies that would dramatically reduce the time during which nuclear waste remains toxic; (4) leading an international effort to develop safer, more reliable and more proliferation-resistant “Generation IV” nuclear reactors to be deployed commercially by 2030; and (5) continuing preparation to obtain the Nuclear Regulatory Commission license for the construction of the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository, as directed by legislation President Bush signed in July 2002. Nuclear energy now provides 20 percent of our electricity supply without producing any air pollutants or greenhouse gases.



Cleaner Air

Addressing Global Climate Change

Cleaner Water

Cleaner Lands

Healthier Ecosystems

A Cleaner, Healthier World Community

Healthier People

President Bush’s Performance-Based FY 2005 Budget


September 2004