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Moving Toward a Cleaner, Safer, Healthier Environment
Healthier Ecosystems

National Parks: Restoring the Quality of Our Cultural, Natural, and Historic Resources

The President is fulfilling his commitment to address the maintenance backlog. The President’s FY 2005 budget provides $1.1 billion in funds for maintenance of park facilities and roads, a 37 percent increase over 2001 and nearly double the amount from just seven years ago. This $77 million increase over last year will bring the total investment in park facilities maintenance during this Administration to $3.9 billion over four years and will help fulfill the President’s funding commitment to provide $4.9 billion over 5 years. President Bush’s FY2005 NPS operations budget has more funds per employee, per acre, and per visitor than any time in the history of the National Park Service. The FY 2005 NPS operations budget of $1.8 billion is 20 percent higher than when President Bush took office.

For the first time ever, the National Park Service (NPS) has an asset management system in place to establish the actual conditions of NPS facilities and objectively measure improvements in their condition. This new facility condition index will help prevent the type of backlog created in the 1990s.

Already, the President’s commitment is achieving tangible results. From battlefields in Fredericksburg to campground restoration at the Grand Canyon, the National Park Service (NPS) has begun to improve the condition of hundreds of park assets. The National Park Service has more than 4,000 improvement projects completed, planned, or underway in the national parks in each of the 49 states with national parks.

Specific examples of completed work include $4.1 million being used at Everglades National Park to repair the wastewater treatment system and $2.1 million for Yellowstone National Park to upgrade a wastewater treatment plant.

The President’s FY 2005 budget includes a $4.6 million increase ($77.6 million total) for National Park Service’s Natural Resource Challenge, the ongoing effort to measure the condition of natural resources in national parks. The Natural Resource Challenge is a science-based initiative to strengthen natural resource management throughout the National Park System by protecting native species and habitats, improving the health of natural resources within parks, eradicating invasive species, and sharing information about natural resources with the public.



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President Bush’s Performance-Based FY 2005 Budget


September 2004