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Moving Toward a Cleaner, Safer, Healthier Environment

Clean Air

Cleaner Fuels and Engines

Cleaner Fuels and Engines "First, we're going after the pollution that comes from diesel vehicles. We worked with the energy companies and the agricultural concerns and the manufacturers; we worked with environment groups; we worked with union groups-to come up with a common-sense policy. And we did, we developed one. It's now being implemented. Oil companies will lower the sulfur in diesel fuel. We'll enforce new emission limits on diesel truck engines. And we're going to put forward new rules that will control pollution from off-road vehicles like heavy construction equipment."

President George W. Bush
Remarks by the President to Plant Employees and Local Community Leaders
Monroe, Michigan, September 15, 2003

The Bush Administration consistently advocates tougher controls on harmful air pollution caused by gasoline and diesel engines.

Tier 2 Vehicle and Gasoline Sulfur Program: Starting this model year, and phasing in over the next three years, tougher new pollution standards on gasoline and diesel vehicles go into effect as part of the Tier 2 Vehicle and Gasoline Sulfur program, cutting pollution from these sources by 77 percent to 95 percent depending on the size of the vehicle. The program will result in annual emissions reductions of 2.2 million tons of NOx and 306 thousand tons of VOCs by 2020, and will also result in cleaner-burning gasoline that contains 90 percent less sulfur.

Diesel Retrofit: A voluntary partnership program with industry and State and local authorities will reduce emissions by retrofitting diesel engines. Commitments already made to retrofit over 130,000 diesel engines in trucks, buses, locomotives, and construction equipment will eliminate more than 200,000 tons of harmful pollution from the air.

Cleaner Off-Road Vehicles: In September 2002, EPA established emissions standards for hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and particulates for several categories of off-road engines. Emissions will be cut 50 to 90 percent from current levels for certain vehicles, a reduction of approximately four million tons of pollution each year.



Cleaner Air

Addressing Global Climate Change

Cleaner Water

Cleaner Lands

Healthier Ecosystems

A Cleaner, Healthier World Community

Healthier People

President Bush’s Performance-Based FY 2005 Budget


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