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The World Will Always Remember September 11
The ceremony in Italy was held in front of the United States Embassy on Via Veneto, one of Rome's main streets. Attendees included the President of the Senate Marcello Pera, Speaker of the House of Deputies Pierferdinando Cassini, President of Lazio Region Francesco Storace, President of Rome Province Silvano Moffa, State Under Secretary Gianni Letta, Deputy Mayor of Rome Enrico Gasparra.

Carabinieri and Marine Honor Guards presented the colors of both nations. The U.S. Sixth Fleet Band playued both anthems, Taps, and America the Beautiful. A large-creen TV was mounted on the embassy to give people on Rome's famed Via Veneto an extra opportunity to view the ceremony, and slide-show of exclusive images from the rescue efforts at the World Trade Show was displayed on the screen as guests arrived. Ambassador Sembler and Senate President Pera both gave remarks. Click here for more.

A World United
President Bush and Italian Prime Minister Discuss War Effort
Prime Minister Berlusconi
"I'm here to express to you our desire to be as close as possible and to provide both moral and material support. As I mentioned earlier this morning, this attack was an attack not only against citizens, but also against freedom and liberty. The U.S. is the defensor of liberty all over the world, and that's what this attack was about."

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White House photo by Tina Hager.

National Anthem of Italy: Hymn of Mameli
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Italian Brothers,
Italy has awakened,

She has wreathed her head
With the helmet of Scipio.
Where is Victory?
She bows her head to you,
You, whom God created
As the slave of Rome.

Let us band together,
We are ready to die,

Italy has called us.

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