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The World Will Always Remember September 11
The Embassy in Ankara held an event in the Embassy compound rotunda. In addition to national anthems and moment of silence, the Embassy displayed a red fireman's hat donated by a Turkish fire department to the NYC fire department. The Ambassador and a government minister attended. The Consulate in Istanbul hosted a similar ceremony, featuring a member of Turkish fire and rescue who went to NYC to help with rescue efforts (and who spoke about her experiences).

A World United
Statement by Turkish Foreign Minister H.E. Ysmail Cem
"Terrorism is a crime against humanity. We strongly condemn all the perpetrators of such crimes and the recent heinous terrorist attacks against the USA. All nations should unite their will and coordinate their acts in the fight against terrorism. Turkey, as several other European countries, has suffered from terrorism. We must all stand up together to eradicate this scourge."

National Anthem of Turkey

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Fear not, the crimson flag, waving in these dawns will never fade
Before the last hearth that is burning in my nation vanishes.
That is my nation's star, it will shine;
That is mine, it belongs solely to my nation.

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