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The World Will Always Remember September 11

To mark the three-month anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, the U.S. Embassy and the U.S. consulates in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo today held memorial services.

At the Embassy in the capital, the American community, diplomatic corps, Brazilian government representatives, police and fire officials joined the Embassy staff to pay homage to the victims who died in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. The ceremony included a flag honors conducted by the Embassy's Marine Guard Detachment and the playing of the U.S. and Brazilian national anthems.

Charge d'Affaires William R. Barr told an audience of 200, "The terrorists who perpetrated the mayhem of September 11 hope we will forget. We will not. The world's democracies cannot afford to forget. Unchecked terrorism threatens more than buildings and human lives. It threatens societies and civilization itself. This, we will not allow."

White House photo by Eric Draper.

A World United
Statement by the President of Brazil, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, at the 56th session of the United Nations' General Assembly:

"As the first Head of State to speak at this Session of the General Assembly, I wish to be very clear about one point. As I had occasion to say on the very morning of those horrendous attacks and during my conversations with President George W. Bush, Brazil extends it full solidarity and support to the people of the United States in its response to terrorism."

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