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The World Will Always Remember September 11
Speaking on behalf of the Mexican people, President Fox expressed his most profound condolences to the families of those who died on September 11th in the United States and reiterated Mexico's full commitment to the fight against terrorism.

"Over the past three months, we have been able to grasp the full impact that this terrorist act has had, not only the deaths of six thousand innocent people, not only the destruction of these buildings in the United States," President Fox said. "We are now experiencing the brutal impact in terms of economic growth, in terms of the unemployment of millions of people, many of them heads of families worldwide and also the impact of increased poverty".

"Because of this, we have been a part of the efforts to fight terrorism and today express our most profound condolences in the name of all Mexicans".

At the end of his remarks, broadcast live throughout Mexico, President Fox asked all of those present to observe a moment of silence. This morning's ceremony took place at Los Pinos, the President's Official Residence in Mexico City.

A World United
President Fox Reaffirms Commitment to U.S.
President Fox - "Thank you, President, for the opportunity to be back here again; the opportunity to express very clearly, loudly, our sorrow, our solidarity with your government, with the American people, with the victims and all those who suffered under these attacks. But also, the opportunity to reaffirm our commitments."

White House photo by Paul Morse.

National Anthem of Mexico
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Mexicans, when the trumpet is calling,
Grasp your sword and your harness assemble.
Let the guns with their thunder appalling
Make the Earth's deep foundations to tremble.
Let the guns with their thunder appalling
Make the Earth's deep foundations to tremble.

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