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Welcome to "Ask the White House". This online interactive forum, the first of its kind in politics, allows you to interact with Bush administration officials and friends of the White House.

Launched in April 2003, citizens have participated in over 400 online discussions with Cabinet Secretaries, Senior White House Officials, behind-the-scenes professionals at the White House, and others.

Transcripts of every live chat session are available on this page. If you would like to suggest a participant to appear on Ask the White House, click here.

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Jay Hein

June 25, 2008
Jay Hein, Director of the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives

Good afternoon. It's a pleasure to participate in Ask the White House again, and I'm pleased that you joined me. Tomorrow is an exciting day for my office. We are hosting a national conference called "Innovations in Effective Compassion" and over 1,000 have registered to attend. Headlining the event, President Bush will give a landscape view of what the Faith-Based and Community Initiative (FBCI) has achieved since he launched the Initiative over seven years ago. The conference bring together faith-based and community leaders of all stripes, as well as policymakers and others, to explore the scope and scale of the Initiative's impact and what the future holds now that this foundation has been laid. I'm pleased to take your questions.

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Keith Hennessey

June 3, 2008
Keith Hennessey, Assistant to the President for Economic Policy and Director of the National Economic Council

Good afternoon from the West Wing of the White House. Last Wednesday marked the 5th anniversary of the 2003 tax relief, and this Sunday is the 7th anniversary of the 2001 tax cut. Just yesterday, the President spoke about the importance of making both tax relief bills permanent. If Congress fails to do so, taxes will go up on 116 million American households – a typical four person family with $40,000 in income would pay $2,345 more in taxes; a single mother with two kids would face a tax increase of $1,615. I look forward to taking questions and providing more information about the importance of providing certainty in the tax code for families, businesses, and our economy.

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