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Welcome to "Ask the White House". This online interactive forum, the first of its kind in politics, allows you to interact with Bush administration officials and friends of the White House.

Launched in April 2003, citizens have participated in over 400 online discussions with Cabinet Secretaries, Senior White House Officials, behind-the-scenes professionals at the White House, and others.

Transcripts of every live chat session are available on this page. If you would like to suggest a participant to appear on Ask the White House, click here.

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December 21, 2005
Christopher Reid, Regime Crimes Liaison

Thanks for having me on Ask the White House. I have been working on human rights issues in Iraq since March 2004. I taught human rights to corrections officers in Baghdad, and then joined the Regime Crimes Liaison Office in the fall of 2004. I worked on the Anfal case in northern Iraq, including following up on evidence we found at mass graves in Al Hatra, and then I returned to Baghdad to act as Deputy Regime Crimes Liaison and then Regime Crimes Liaison.
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December 20, 2005
Desiree Sayle, Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of USA Freedom Corps

Good afternoon and happy holidays! It's a privilege to chat with you all today to discuss how Americans of any age can engage in volunteer service and care for a neighbor in need especially during the holiday season.
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December 19, 2005
Kurt Amend, Director for Afghanistan, National Security Council

My name is Kurt Amend, and I am the Director for Afghanistan on the staff of the National Security Council. It's a pleasure to join you today in a discussion of Afghanistan where, for the first time in decades, a new National Assembly has been inaugurated.
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December 16, 2005
Rachel Brand, Assistant Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice

I appreciate the opportunity to answer questions about the USA PATRIOT Act at this critical time. The USA PATRIOT Act, passed by overwhelming majorities in the House and Senate shortly after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, provided important authorities to law enforcement and national security investigators in their efforts to protect Americans.
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December 16, 2005
Gary Walters, White House Chief Usher

Good morning and Merry Christmas. I am Gary Walters, the White House Chief Usher. The holiday season is a busy time here at the White House and I am pleased to take your questions.
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December 14, 2005
Meghan O'Sullivan, Special Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor for Iraq

My name is Meghan O'Sullivan, and I am Special Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor for Iraq. I'm pleased to join you today to talk about the situation in Iraq, on the eve of Iraq's historic elections.
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December 9, 2005
Thaddeus DuBois, White House Executive Pastry Chef

Thank you for having me here today. I'm looking forward to answering your questions. It's a pleasure to be here at the White House. I've been here about 15 months and it is my greatest honor to serve the President and First Lady and their guests desserts and pastries in the field I love to do.
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December 8, 2005
Ambassador Donald Ensenat, Chief of Protocol, State Department

Good morning, and thank you for having me. I am at the White House today, where I greeted the Chancellor of Austria and accompanied him during his visit with President Bush.
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December 6, 2005
Al Hubbard, Director of the National Economic Council

My name is Al Hubbard and I am the Director of the National Economic Council. I work here at the White House to facilitate and develop economic policy for the President so that the government can foster economic growth and ensure economic opportunity.
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December 2, 2005
Lea Berman, Special Assistant to the President and White House Social Secretary

Happy Holidays, and thanks for having me. The White House is always a busy place, but it is especially so this month, when the President and Mrs. Bush will be hosting 24 events over the next three weeks, and personally welcoming over 9500 people to the White House.
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December 1, 2005
Ambassador Randall Tobias, United States Global AIDS Coordinator

I want to thank all of you who read this, and especially those who submitted questions, for taking time to observe World AIDS Day
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