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Welcome to "Ask the White House". This online interactive forum, the first of its kind in politics, allows you to interact with Bush administration officials and friends of the White House.

Launched in April 2003, citizens have participated in over 400 online discussions with Cabinet Secretaries, Senior White House Officials, behind-the-scenes professionals at the White House, and others.

Transcripts of every live chat session are available on this page. If you would like to suggest a participant to appear on Ask the White House, click here.

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January 30, 2007
Dr. Edward Lazear, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers

It is a pleasure to be here today to share my thoughts with you on the nature of the current economy. I appreciate all of the interest shown by the many questions submitted. There are so many questions that I will only be able to answer a small sample of them, but I will try to select questions that are representative of the issues raised by a number of you.
Full Transcript

January 26, 2007
Al Hubbard, Director of the National Economic Council

Thank you all so much for joining me today. I am excited to be here to discuss the President’s health care initiatives which he outlined in the State of the Union on Tuesday. I look forward to working with the President to further his vision for health care reform and anticipate interesting discussion on these reforms in the days to come.
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January 24, 2007
Samuel Bodman, Secretary of Energy

Good afternoon. It's great to be with you for another Ask the White House. Before I get to your questions, I want to share a few thoughts about last night's State of the Union.
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January 19, 2007
Jay Hein, Director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives

Good afternoon. It's an honor for me to participate in Ask the White House today and to interact with you about the President's compassion agenda. President Bush is known as a compassionate conservative because he wants to respond to human need but he wants to do so in a manner that accomplishes results. This week, we launched a series of events called Compassion in Action to profile this work. I welcome your questions about these events as well as our related policies and programs.
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January 18, 2007
Ambassador Donald Ensenat, U.S. Chief of Protocol

Good afternoon, and thank you for having me. We are gearing up for another busy year in the Office of the Chief of Protocol. In 2006, we supported nearly 330 visits of chiefs of state, heads of government and other dignitaries to the United States, arranged 28 Presidential delegations, accredited 43 new foreign Ambassadors and accompanied the President on seven overseas trips. Our office also manages the President’s Guest House, better known as Blair House, proposes and purchases gifts to give foreign leaders on behalf of the President and First Lady, and arranges official entertainment for the Secretary of State. I look forward to answering your questions. Let’s get started.
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January 12, 2007
Brett McGurk, Director for Iraq, National Security Council

Good afternoon. The President’s address on Wednesday night marked the culmination of a comprehensive review of our Iraq strategy. I hope to offer some insight into why certain decisions were made, and certain options not pursued. There is a lot to talk about – so let’s get started.
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January 8, 2007
Margaret Spellings, Secretary of Education

Good afternoon. As you may know, today is the fifth anniversary of the President's signing of the No Child Left Behind Act. And like last year, I am here to answer some of your questions about the law and education in general.
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January 3, 2007
Ron Nessen, Press Secretary to President Gerald R. Ford (1974-1977)

Good afternoon. On the day of the funeral and burial of President Ford in his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, I'm pleased to have been asked to answer your questions about Gerald Ford, the man and the President. So, let's get started.
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