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Bush Administration Nominations by Name

Nominations by Date

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First Name Last Name Position
Bradley Hunt Udall Trustee
Anne Jeannette Udall Trustee
Frank Charles Urbancic Ambassador to Cyprus
Joseph S. Van Bokkelen Indiana - N
Joseph S. Van Bokkelen Judge - Indiana N
Judy Dianne Van Rest Member
Gregory Frederick Van Tetenhove Judge - Kentucky E
Carol Lee Van Voorst Ambassador to Iceland
William Craig Vanderwagen Ass. Sec. for Preparedness and Response
Thomas Alexander Varlan Judge - Tennessee E
Gaddi Holguin Vasquez US Rep - Food & Agricultural Organizations
Jo Anne Vasquez Member
Juanita Alicia Vasquez-Gardner Member - State Ct
Jack Calvin Vaughn Member
John Robert Vaughn Chair & Member
John Robert Vaughn Chair & Member
Vincent Ventimiglia Asst Sec (Legislation)
John K. Veroneau Dep U.S. Trade Rep
Alexander Russell Vershbow Ambassador to Korea
Michael George Vickers Asst Sec (Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict)
David Donald Viles Maine
Odessa F. Vincent Associate Judge
Gary Lee Visscher Member
Eric Nicholas Vitaliano Judge - New York E
Kurt Douglas Volker Permanent Rep
Andrew Charles Von Eschenbach Commissioner of Food & Drugs, FDA
Hans Anatol Von Spakovsky Commissioner
Ann Louise Wagner Ambassador to Luxembourg
Raymond Thomas Wagner Member
Richard Kenneth Wagner Member
Richard Kenneth Wagner Member
Anna Mills S. Wagoner North Carolina - M
Larry Wade Wagster Mississippi - N
Brent T Wahlquist Dir - Surface Mining Reclam & Enforc
James Michael Wahlrab Ohio - S
Kenneth Leonard Wainstein Asst Atty Gen (National Security Divsion)
Neil Vincent Wake Judge - Arizona
Herbert John Walberg Member (Researcher)
Mary Lou Walker General Counsel
Scott Kevin Walker Member
Sharon Beth Walkup Member, Natl Museum and Library Services Board (Library)
Christopher Read Wall Asst Sec (Export Admin)
Roger Windham Wallace Member
Jeffrey DeVries Wallin Member
Gerald Walpin Inspector General
Dennis Paul Walsh Member
Dennis Paul Walsh Member
Dennis Paul Walsh Member
George Breffni Walsh District of Columbia
Elisse B. Walter Member
John F. Walter Judge - California C
John Peter Walters Dir - Nat Drug Control Policy
Larry Woodrow Walther Director
Steven T. Walther Commissioner
Reggie Barnett Walton Judge - DC
Kim Win Wang Member, Natl Museum and Library Services Board (Library)
Layshae Lyn Ward Member
Lawrence Allen Warder CFO
William Brian Wark Member
Kevin Warsh Member (Region 2)
Mark Joel Warshawsky Member
Donald Wayne Washington Louisiana - W
W. Keith Watkins Judge - Alabama M
Michael Harrison Watson Judge - Ohio S
Earl Anthony Wayne Ambassador to Argentina
Douglas Wayne Webster Chief Fin Officer
Kerry Neil Weems Admin of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Allen Weinstein Archivist
Kenneth R. Weinstein Member
Ellen Lisa Weintraub Commissioner
Robert Irving Weisberg Ambassador to Congo (Republic)
Joanne Weiss Member
Howard Charles Weizmann Deputy Director
Charles David Welch Asst Sec (Near Eastern Affairs)
Timothy Dewayne Welch Oklahoma - N
Jon Benedict Wellinghoff Member
Barry Leon Wells Ambassador to Gambia
Thomas B. Wells Judge
Richard Carl Wesley Judge - 2nd Cir
John Robinson West Member
John Robinson West Member
Lezlee Jean Westine Member
Linda Yvonne Wetters Member
Thomas Craig Wheeler Judge
Robert A. Wherry Judge
Matthew George Whitaker Iowa - S
Gregory Allen White Ohio - N
Jeffrey Steven White Judge - California N
Ronald Allen White Judge - Oklahoma E
Leona Rose White Hat Member (Youth Representative)
Gordon James Whiting Member
Gordon James Whiting Member
Benson Kelley Whitney Ambassador to Norway
Frank DeArmon Whitney Judge - North Carolina W
William Rutledge Whittington Louisiana - W
Kim Richard Widup Illinois - N
Nathaniel Frederick Wienecke Asst Sec (Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs)
Susan Davis Wigenton Judge - New Jersey
Robert Leon Wilkie Asst Sec of Defense for Legislative Affairs
David Horton Wilkins Ambassador to Canada
Anthony James Williams Member
Darlene Faye Williams Asst Sec (Policy Devel & Research)
Donna Nelson Williams Member
Ellen Conway Williams Governor, BD of Governors
Ellen Conway Williams Governor, BD of Governors
Mary Ellen Coster Williams Judge
Susan Richardson Williams Member
Susan Richardson Williams Member
Dennis Arthur Williamson Florida - N
Irving Alexander Williamson Member
John Clint Williamson Amb at Large - War Crimes Issues
Ernest J. Wilson Member
Ross Lee Wilson Ambassador to Turkey
Deborah Lynne Wince-Smith Member
Jay Bruce Winik Member
Peter Stanley Winokur Member
Donald Charles Winter Secretary of the Navy
John Lovelle Withers Ambassador to Albania
Alejandro Daniel Wolff Deputy Rep of US to UN
Alejandro Daniel Wolff US Dep Rep in Security Council of UN
Karen Lias Wolff Member, National Council on the Arts
Otto Jay Wolff Asst Secretary (Admin) & CFO
Freda Linsenbaum Wolfson Judge - New Jersey
Victor John Wolski Judge
Frank Maxwell Wood Georgia - M
Lisa Godbey Wood Judge - Georgia S
Michael Melville Wood Ambassador to Sweden
William Braucher Wood Ambassador to Afghanistan
John Alden Woodcock Judge - Maine
John Paul Woodley Asst Sec (Civil Works)
Terry L. Wooten Judge - South Carolina
Otis D. Wright Judge - California C
William Edward Wright Member
Drew Howard Wrigley North Dakota
George H. Wu Judge - California C
Julia Li Wu Mbr, Bd of Trustees
Michael Walter Wynne Secretary of the Air Force
Donald Yukio Yamamoto Ambassador to Ethiopia
Edward Meacham Yarbrough US Atty - Tennessee - Middle Distr
Charles Thomas Yarington Member
Earl Leroy Yeakel Judge - Texas W
John Jacob Young Under Sec - Acquis, Tech & Log
Michael Grant Young Member
Rodger Douglas Young Alt. US Rep to General Assembly of UN
Marie Louise Yovanovitch Ambassador to Armenia
Marie Louise Yovanovitch Ambassador to the Kyrgyz Republic
Edward Zahren Colorado
Jay Christopher Zainey Judge - Louisiana E
Elias Adam Zerhouni Director of the National Institue of Health
Todd Jerome Zinser Inspector General
Nancy M. Zirkin Member
Jack Zouhary Judge - Ohio N