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Define the forms of electronic exchange of messages, documents, or other information. Electronic communication provides efficiency through expedited time-of-delivery.

  • Electronic Mail (E-mail)

    E-mail (Electronic mail) is the exchange of computer-generated and stored messages by telecommunication. An E-mail can be created manually via messaging applications or dynamically, programmatically such as automated response systems.

  • Facsimile (Fax)

    A fax is the digitized image of text and/or pictures, represented as a series of dots (bit map). Faxes are sent and received through telecommunication channels such as telephone or internet.

  • Kiosk

    A kiosk is a small physical structure (often including a computer and a display screen) that displays information for people walking by. Kiosks are common in public buildings. Kiosks are also used at trade shows and professional conferences.