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The Service Platform and Infrastructure Area defines the collection of platforms, hardware and infrastructure specifications that enable Component-Based Architectures and Service Component re-use.

  • Database / Storage

    Database / Storage refers to a collection of programs that enables storage, modification, and extraction of information from a database, and various techniques and devices for storing large amounts of data.

  • Delivery Servers

    Delivery Servers are front-end platforms that provide information to a requesting application. It includes the hardware, operating system, server software, and networking protocols.

  • Hardware / Infrastructure

    Defines the physical devices, facilities and standards that provide the computing and networking within and between enterprises.

  • Software Engineering

    Software engineering covers not only the technical aspects of building software systems, but also management issues, such as testing, modeling and versioning.

  • Supporting Platforms

    Supporting platforms are hardware or software architectures. The term originally dealt with only hardware, and it is still used to refer to a CPU model or computer family.