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Delivery Servers are front-end platforms that provide information to a requesting application. It includes the hardware, operating system, server software, and networking protocols.

  • Application Servers

    In a three-tier environment, a separate computer (application server) performs the business logic, although some part may still be handled by the user's machine. After the Web exploded in the mid 1990s, application servers became Web based.

  • Media Servers

    Provide optimized management of media-based files such as audio and video streams and digital images.

  • Portal Servers

    Portals represent focus points for interaction, providing integration and single-source corporate information.

  • Web Servers

    A computer that provides World Wide Web services on the Internet. It includes the hardware, operating system, Web server software, TCP/IP protocols and the Web site content (Web pages). If the Web server is used internally and not by the public, it may be known as an “intranet server.”