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Success Stories

These success stories highlight where agencies have applied enterprise architecture methodologies to solve specific business problems which has resulted in programmatic success. Each quarter, the FEAPMO will feature new succcess stories as identified by the agencies.

  • EPA Success Story

    Each year Industry reports toxics releases to EPA which is shared with State agencies. The 2007 TRI-MEweb significantly reduces the reporting burden of facilities filing via web, abates EPA and state programs data collection transaction costs, and delivers impressive program performance efficiencies. The 2007 TRI-MEweb is a leap forward towards a one-stop-shop paperless TRI reporting system.
    EPA Success Story (PDF, 62kb)

  • FBI Success Story

    In late 2007, former Associate Deputy Director, Joseph L. Ford, determined that centrally managing license agreements for Information Technology (IT) was a critical need and would provide an opportunity for huge cost savings and improved efficiencies. During just four quarters of its existence, the program has proved its worth by recording a total FY 2008 cost savings/avoidance of $14,869,700, while also recording an additional $49,394,266 in out-year cost savings for FY 2009 through FY 2012.
    FBI Success Story (PDF, 56kb)

Case Studies

These case studies are for information purposes only and can be used by the architectural community to highlight specific examples from Federal Agencies throughout their agency or organization.

  • FDA Case Study

    The following case study demonstrates how the Food and Drug Administration used Enterprise Architecture to standardize business processes and achieve considerable cost savings for their IT Consolidation initiative.
    Final Case Study (PDF, 137kb)
    Executive Summary (PDF, 103kb)

  • CBP Case Study

    The listed case study demonstrates how the U.S. Customs and Boarder Protection (CBP) uses EA to improve system support at lower cost to more than 20 agencies with missions tied to Internal Trade and Transportation.
    CBP Case Study (PDF, 125kb)

  • HUD Case Study

    The following case study demonstrates how the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) used Enterprise Architecture to implement a streamlined electronic grants application process that provides better service to customers and business partners.
    HUD Case Study (PDF, 33kb)

  • FFIEC Case Study

    The following case study demonstrates how several banking oversight agencies used Enterprise Architecture to implement a streamlined data collection process that reduced costs, increased productivity, and improved oversight of financial institutions.
    FFIEC Case Study (PDF, 25kb)

  • Human Resources Line of Business (HR LOB) Case Study

    This case study demonstrates how the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) used enterprise architecture to create a blueprint for Government-wide human resources (HR) management, including the creation of HR shared service centers.
    HR LOB Case Study (PDF, 39kb)