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The Service Interface and Integration Area defines the discovery, interaction and communication technologies joining disparate systems and information providers. Component-based architectures leverage and incorporate Service Interface and Integration specifications to provide interoperability and scalability.

  • Integration

    Integration defines the software services enabling elements of distributed business applications to interoperate. These elements can share function, content, and communications across heterogeneous computing environments. In particular, service integration offers a set of architecture services such as platform and service location transparency, transaction management, basic messaging between two points, and guaranteed message delivery.

  • Interface

    Interface defines the capabilities of communicating, transporting and exchanging information through a common dialog or method. Delivery Channels provide the information to reach the intended destination, whereas Interfaces allow the interaction to occur based on a predetermined framework.

  • Interoperability

    Interoperability defines the capabilities of discovering and sharing data and services across disparate systems and vendors.