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“The Service Component Reference Model (SRM) is a business and performance-driven, functional framework that classifies Service Components with respect to how they support business and/or performance objectives.”

The SRM is intended for use to support the discovery of government-wide business and application Service Components in IT investments and assets. The SRM is structured across horizontal and vertical service domains that, independent of the business functions, can provide a leverage-able foundation to support the reuse of applications, application capabilities, components, and business services.


Service Domains

Customer Services

The Services For Citizens Business Area describes the mission and purpose of the United States government in terms of the services it provides both to and on behalf of the American citizen. It includes the delivery of citizen-focused, public, and collective goods and/or benefits as a service and/or obligation of the Federal Government to the benefit and protection of the nation's general population.


Process Automation Services

The Process Automation Services Domain defines the set of capabilities that support the auto-mation of process and management activities that assist in effectively managing the business. The Process Automation Services domain represents those services and capabilities that serve to automate and facilitate the processes associated with tracking, monitoring, maintaining liaison throughout the business cycle of an organization.


Business Management Services

The Business Management Services Domain defines the set of capabilities that support the man-agement of business functions and organizational activities that maintain continuity across the business and value-chain participants. The Business Management Services domain represents those capabilities and services that are necessary for projects, programs and planning within a business operation to successfully be managed.


Digital Asset Services

The Digital Asset Services Domain defines the set of capabilities that support the generation, management and distribution of intellectual capital and electronic media across the business and extended enterprise.


Business Analytical Services

The Business Analytical Services Domain defines the set of capabilities supporting the extraction, aggregation and presentation of information to facilitate decision analysis and business evaluation.


Back Office Services

Defines the set of capabilities that support the management of enterprise planning and transactional-based functions.


Support Services

The Support Services Domain defines the set of cross-functional capabilities that can be leveraged independent of Service Domain objective and / or mission.