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Appointee Directory

First Name Last Name Title
David Sampson Deputy Secretary of Commerce
Ellen Sauerbrey Assistant Secretary for Population, Refugees, and Migration
Joel Scanlon Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Strategic Initiatives
Lynn Scarlett Deputy Secretary of the Interior
Jacqueline Schafer Assistant Administrator for Economic Growth, Agriculture & Trade
Phyllis F. Scheinberg Assistant Secretary of Transportation (Budget and Programs)
Mark Schneider Commissioner of Education Statistics at the Department of Education
Paul Allan Schneider Under Secretary for Management
Dennis Schrader Deputy Administrator for National Prepardness, Federal Emergency Management Agency
Susan Schwab United States Trade Representative
Calvin Loren Scovel Inspector General
Michael Scudder Senior Associate Counsel to the President, NSC Legal Adviser and General Counsel; National Security Council
Jeffrey Sedgwick Director of the Bureau of Justice Statistics
Clay Sell Deputy Secretary of Energy
Leon Sequeira Assistant Secretary of Labor (Policy)
Jeffrey Shane Under Secretary of Transportation for Policy
Thomas Shannon Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs
Jess Sharp Deputy Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy
Patrick Shen Special Counsel for Immigration-Related Unfair Employment Practices
David Sherzer Special Assistant to the President for Strategic Initiatives and External Affairs
James Joseph Shinn Assistant Secretary (Asian and Pacific Affairs)
Kristen Silverberg Assistant Secretary, Bureau of International Organization Affairs
John Andrew Simon Executive Vice President
Raymond J. Simon Deputy Secretary of Education
James Stuart Simpson Administrator of the Federal Transit Administration
Richard Skinner Inspector General
Dorrance Smith Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs
Eric Solomon Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Tax Policy
Margaret Spellings Secretary of Education
Ronald Spoehel Chief Financial Officer of NASA
David Spooner Assistant Secretary for Import Administration
Linda Springer Director of the Office of Personnel Management
Ward Sproat Director of the Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management
Quanah Stamps Commissioner of the Administration for Native Americans at the Department of Health & Human Services
Scott Stanzel Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Press Secretary
Robert King Steel Under Secretary of the Treasury (Domestic Finance)
Andrew Bart Steinberg Assistant Secretary of Transportation (Aviation and International Affairs)
Robert B. Stephan Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection
Linda Strachan Assistant Secretary for Congressional Relations
Robert Sturgell Deputy Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration
Daniel Sullivan Assistant Secretary of State for Economic and Business Affairs
John Sullivan General Counsel
Kevin Sullivan Assistant to the President for Communications
Mark Sullivan U.S. Director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Mark J. Sullivan Director of the United States Secret Service
Thomas Michael Sullivan Chief Counsel for Advocacy, Small Business Administration
Daniel Wayne Sutherland Officer of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
William G. Sutton, Jr. Assistant Secretary of Commerce (Manufacturing and Services)
Phillip Lee Swagel Assistant Secretary of the Treasury (Economic Policy)
Chad Sweet Chief Of Staff
Ross Swimmer Special Trustee, Office of Special Trustee for American Indians
Joel Szabat Chief of Staff
Kent Talbert General Counsel
Mauricio Tamargo Chairman of the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission
Ronald Jay Tenpas Assistant Attorney General for Environment and National Resouces Division
Marc Thiessen Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Director of Speechwriting
Harry Keels Thomas, Jr. Director General of the Foreign Service
Eric Thorson Inspector General
Dawn Tisdale Commissioner of the Postal Rate Commission
William Tobey Deputy Administrator, Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation, NNSA
Frances Townsend Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism
Tevi D. Troy Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services
Tevi D. Troy Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services
Ronald A. Tschetter Director of the Peace Corps
Sara Tucker Under Secretary
William Tuerk Under Secretary for Memorial Affairs
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