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Appointee Directory

Jeffrey Sedgwick -- Department of Justice
Director of the Bureau of Justice Statistics

Jeffrey L. Sedgwick was nominated by President George W. Bush to be Director of the Bureau of Justice Statistics on January 30, 2006 and confirmed by the United States Senate on March 31, 2006. He previously served as Deputy Director of the Bureau in the Reagan Administration. In his academic career, Mr. Sedgwick has taught and written on a variety of aspects of American Government including public finance, policy analysis and evaluation, criminal justice policy, and executive leadership. He is the author of Law Enforcement Planning: The Limits of an Economic Approach and Deterring Criminals: Policymaking and the American Political Tradition. He earned his A.B. from Kenyon College (1973) and his M.A.P.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Virginia (1975 and 1978 respectively). After receiving his doctorate, Mr. Sedgwick joined the faculty in the department of Political Science at the University of Massachusetts from which he is currently on leave.

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