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Consists of the programming languages and methods for developing software on a specific operating system or platform.

  • Mac OS X

    Mac OS X is Apple’s UNIX based operating system based on industry standards. Launched in March 2001, OS X has advanced built-in security functions and complete interoperability with both internet standards and Microsoft products.

  • Windows 2000

    Also known as “Win2K” and “W2K,” it is a major upgrade to Windows NT 4. Launched in February 2000, Windows 2000 comes in one client and three server versions. Windows 2000 looks like Windows 95/98, but adds considerably more features, dialogs and options.

  • Windows.Net

    Microsoft’s .Net and Sun’s J2EE are the two dominant distributed computing architecture frameworks. .Net supports a wide range of languages but is primarily tied to the Microsoft Windows operating system and Intel hardware.