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As the FEA - and the BRM - become institutionalized, the maintenance and upkeep will be the responsibility of both agencies and OMB. Agencies will provide the high-level information - often through the annual budget preparation process - required to maintain (and build out) the FEA. However, comments on the BRM may be made throughout the year through the FEA-PMO website as new issues arise.

This is version 2.0 of the BRM; OMB and the FEA-PMO look forward to a process of consistent improvement to all aspects of the Federal Enterprise Architecture, and certainly, the Federal Agencies must play a primary role in the process. OMB will receive, compile, normalize, and validate comments on the BRM throughout the year. A process is being established to integrate the BRM versioning process with Agencies capital planning efforts and OMB's budget review and allocation processes to ensure that updated versions of the model are issued before and not after the fact.

In summary, OMB envisions a collaborative and mutually beneficial management plan for the FEA that will result in positive outcomes for all stakeholders. OMB will work over the coming months to develop and publish a formalized FEA Management and Maintenance Plan that will provide explicit instructions to Agencies on the roles, responsibilities, standards, and expectations for the management and upkeep of the FEA.