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Support Delivery of Services provides the critical policy, programmatic and managerial Foundation to support federal government operations.

  • Controls and Oversight Controls and Oversight ensures that the operations and programs of the Federal government and its external business partners comply with applicable laws and regulations and prevent waste, fraud, and abuse.
  • General Government General Government General Government involves the general overhead costs of the Federal Government, including legislative and executive activities; provision of central fiscal, personnel, and property activities; and the provision of services that cannot reasonably be classified in any other Line of Business. As a normal rule, all activities reasonably or closely associated with other Lines of Business or Sub-Functions shall be included in those Lines of Business or Sub-Functions rather than listed as a part of general government. This Line of Business is reserved for central government management operations; agency specific management activities would not be included here.
  • Internal Risk Management and Mitigation Internal Risk Management and Mitigation involves all activities relating to the processes of analyzing exposure to risk and determining appropriate counter-measures.
  • Legislative Relations Legislative Relations involves activities aimed at the development, tracking, and amendment of public laws through the legislative branch of the Federal Government.
  • Planning and Resource Allocation Planning and Resource Allocation involves the activities of determining strategic direction, identifying and establishing programs and processes, and allocating resources (capital and labor) among those programs and processes.
  • Public Affairs Public Affairs involves the exchange of information and communication between the Federal Government, citizens and stakeholders in direct support of citizen services, public policy, and/or national interest.
  • Regulatory Development Regulatory Development involves activities associated developing regulations, policies, and guidance to implement laws.
  • Revenue Collection Revenue Collection includes the collection of Government income from all sources. Note: Tax collection is accounted for in Tax Collection Sub-Function in the General Government Line of Business.