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The Mode of Delivery Business Area describes the mechanisms the government uses to achieve the purpose of government, or its Services to Citizens. It includes Financial Vehicles, Direct Government Delivery, and Indirect Government Delivery.


    • Knowledge Creation and Management
      Knowledge Creation and Management involves the programs and activities in which the Federal Government creates or develops a body or set of knowledge, the manipulation and analysis of which can provide inherent benefits for both the Federal and private sector.
    • Public Goods Creation and Management
      The construction, manufacturing, administration, and/or management of goods, structures, facilities, common resources, etc. used for the general well being of the American public or society at large.
    • Regulatory Compliance and Enforcement
      Regulatory Compliance and Enforcement involves the direct monitoring and oversight of a specific individual, group, industry, or community participating in a regulated activity via market mechanisms, com-mand and control features, or other means to control or govern conduct or behavior.
    • Direct Services for Citizens
      The delivery of a good or service to (or on behalf of) the citizenry by the Federal Government with no other intervening persons, conditions, or organizations.
    • Federal Financial Assistance
      The provision of earned and unearned financial or monetary-like benefits to individuals, groups, or corporations
    • Credit and Insurance
      Credit and Insurance involves the use of government funds to cover the subsidy cost of a direct loan or loan guarantee or to protect/indemnify members of the public from financial losses.
    • Transfers to States and Local Governments
      Transfers to States and Local Governments involves the transfer of funds or financial assistance from the Federal government to State and Local governments and Indian tribes.