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Regulatory Compliance and Enforcement involves the direct monitoring and oversight of a specific individual, group, industry, or community participating in a regulated activity via market mechanisms, com-mand and control features, or other means to control or govern conduct or behavior.

  • Inspections and Auditing

    Inspections and Auditing involves the methodical examination and review of regulated activities to ensure compliance with standards for regulated activity.

  • Standard Setting/Reporting Guideline Development

    Standard Setting/Reporting Guideline Development involves the establishment of allowable limits associated with a regulated activity and the development of reporting requirements necessary to monitor and control compliance with allowable limits. This includes the development of requirements for product sampling and testing, emissions monitoring and control, incident reporting, financial filings, etc.

  • Permits and Licensing

    Permits and Licensing involves activities associated with granting, revoking, and the overall management of the documented authority necessary to perform a regulated task or function.