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In December of 2002 the FEA-PMO began a formal comment period regarding the BRM Version 1.0. The depth and breadth of these comments were a leading factor for the development of a new version, Version 2.0, of the BRM. The FEA-PMO also worked to align BRM with other cross-agency collaboration efforts currently at work in the Federal Government.

Development of BRM V1.0
The primary research was performed using each Agency's Enterprise Architecture documents. The information contained within these reports provides a concise and thorough documentation of all the lines of business that a particular agency performs.

Where the Enterprise Architecture reports were not available, the FEAPMO used other reports or information that might describe an Agency's functions, including Strategic Plans, Performance Reports, and Agency website.

The FEA-PMO used this detailed agency information to increase the granularity of the Task Force model by identifying “Sub-functions“ for the lines of business. These lines of business and sub-functions were then normalized to produce an exhaustive list of mutually exclusive functions performed by the Federal Government.

Once a finite list Lines of Business and Sub-Functions was developed, work began to assign definitions to each line of business and sub-function to ensure that there was a common understanding by all who used the BRM. Additionally, lines of business and sub-functions were mapped to the Agencies that performed them as well as to the Agency's major IT initiatives.

Each of round of mappings illustrated holes in the model, and it was sufficiently modified. Final revisions were made to the model and detailed reports were prepared to send to agencies for validation and comments.

Development of BRM V2.0
The FEA-PMO received comments on version 1.0 of the model in the months following its release in July. Furthermore, in order to ensure that all interested stakeholders were given an opportunity to comment, the FEA-PMO held a formal comment period in December 2002 in which comments were requested from each Federal agency. The FEA-PMO also spent considerable time aligning the BRM with other key management frameworks in use throughout the federal Government. These two inputs - agency comments and the alignment efforts - led to the development of a draft BRM V2.0 that was released for agency approval.

The Draft Version 2.0 of the BRM was released for agency comments in early March 2003, with a request for comments on the BRM and on the mappings of proposed Lines of Business to agencies. Agency comments were received from March through April and were organized according to their area (i.e. business model comments, agency mappings, etc). These comments serve as the basis for a comprehensive response to comments document released in unison with the release of the BRM Version 2.0.

During the month of March, the FEA-PMO analyzed all comments regarding the business model and made changes to the model where appropriate. Once the new version of the BRM was finalized, the data in FEAMS was updated to reflect the changes in the new version of the BRM.