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Involves the coordination of information and technology resources and systems required to support or provide a service.

  • IT Infrastructure Maintenance

    IT Infrastructure Maintenance involves the planning, design, and maintenance of an IT Infrastructure to effectively support automated needs (i.e. platforms, networks, servers, printers, etc.).

  • System Development

    System Development supports all activities associated with the in-house design and development of software applications.

  • Lifecycle/Change Management

    Lifecycle/Change Management involves the processes that facilitate a smooth evolution, composition, and workforce transition of the design and implementation of changes to agency resources such as assets, methodologies, systems, or procedures.

  • Record Retention

    Record Retention involves the operations surrounding the management of the official documents and records for an agency.

  • Systems Maintenance

    System Maintenance supports all activities associated with the maintenance of in-house designed software applications.

  • IT Security

    IT Security involves all functions pertaining to the securing of Federal data and systems through the creation and definition of security policies, procedures and controls covering such services as identification, authentication, and non-repudiation.

  • Information Management

    Information Management involves the coordination of information collection, storage, and dissemination, and destruction as well as managing the policies, guidelines, and standards regarding information management.