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Administrative Management involves the day-to-day management and maintenance of the internal infrastructure.

  • Workplace Policy Development and Management

    Workplace Policy Development and Management includes all activities required to develop and disseminate workplace policies such as dress codes, time reporting requirements, telecommuting, etc.

  • Security Management

    Involves the physical protection of an organization's personnel, assets, and facilities (including security clearance management). Note: Activities related to securing data and information systems is addressed under the "IT Security" Sub-function.

  • Help Desk Services

    Help Desk Services involves the management of a service center to respond to government and contract employees' technical and administrative questions.

  • Facilities, Fleet and Equipment Management

    Facilities, Fleet, and Equipment Management involves the maintenance, administration, and operation of office buildings, fleets, machinery, and other capital assets that are possessions of the Federal Government.

  • Travel

    Travel involves the activities associated with planning, preparing, and monitoring of business related travel for an organization’s employees.