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Knowledge Creation and Management involves the programs and activities in which the Federal Government creates or develops a body or set of knowledge, the manipulation and analysis of which can provide inherent benefits for both the Federal and private sector.

Research and Development

Research and Development involves the gathering and analysis of data, dissemination of results, and development of new products, methodologies, and ideas.

General Purpose Data and Statistics

General Purpose Data and Statistics includes activities performed in providing empirical, numerical, and related data and information pertaining to the current state of the nation in areas such as the economy, labor, weather, international trade, etc.

Advising and Consulting

Advising and Consulting involves the guidance and consultative services provided by the Federal Government to support the implementation of a specific Service for Citizen.

Knowledge Dissemination

Knowledge Dissemination address those instances where the primary method used in delivering a service is through the publishing or broadcasting of information, such as the Voice of America or web-based museums maintained by the Smithsonian. It is not intended to address circumstances where the publication of information is a by-product of the actual mode of delivery. For example, an agency might perform research (the mode of delivery) addressing a particular service for citizen (for example the environmental management) and as a result publish a report on the findings. In this instance, the research would be the mode of delivery and publishing the report would be a Support Delivery of Service.