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Natural Resources includes all activities involved in conservation planning, land management, and national park/monument tourism that affect the nation's natural and recreational resources, both private and federal. Note: Energy-related natural resources are covered in the Energy Management line of business.

  • Conservation, Marine and Land Management

    Conservation, Marine and Land Management involves the responsibilities of surveying, maintaining, and operating public lands and monuments, as well as activities devoted to ensuring the preservation of land, water, wildlife, and natural resources, both domestically and internationally. It also includes the sustainable stewardship of natural resources on federally owned/controlled lands for commercial use (mineral mining, grazing, forestry, fishing, etc.).

  • Recreational Resource Management and Tourism

    Recreational Resource Management and Tourism involves the management of national parks, monuments, and tourist attractions as well as visitor centers, campsites, and park service facilities.

  • Water Resource Management

    Water Resource Management includes all activities that promote the effective use and management of the nation’s water resources. Notes: Environmental protection of water resources is included in the Environmental Management Line of Business. Hydroelectric energy production is included in the Energy Production Sub-Function.

  • Agricultural Innovation and Services

    Involves the creation and dissemination of better methods for farming and forestry, including the development of improved and healthier agricultural and forestry products.