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Law Enforcement involves activities to protect people, places, and things from criminal activity resulting from non-compliance with U.S. laws. This includes patrols, undercover operations, response to emergency calls, as well as arrests, raids, and seizures of property.

  • Substance Control

    Substance Control supports activities associated with the enforcement of laws regarding legal substances (i.e., alcohol and tobacco) and illegal narcotics including trafficking, possession, sale, distribution, and other related activities.

  • Criminal Investigation and Surveillance

    Criminal Investigation and Surveillance includes collecting evidence required to determine responsibility for a crime and monitoring and questioning affected parties.

  • Leadership Protection

    Leadership Protection involves all activities performed to protect the health and well being of the president, vice-president, their families, foreign leaders and dignitaries, and other high-level government officials.

  • Property Protection

    Property Protection entails all activities performed to ensure the security of civilian and government property as well as foreign diplomatic missions.

  • Criminal Apprehension

    Criminal apprehension involves activities associated with the tracking, arrest, detention, and transportation of groups or individuals believed to be responsible for committing Federal crimes.

  • Citizen Protection

    Citizen Protection involves all activities performed to protect the general population of the United States from criminal activity.

  • Crime Prevention

    Crime Prevention entails all efforts designed to create safer communities through the control and reduction of crime by addressing the causes of crime and reducing opportunities for crimes to occur.