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International Affairs and Commerce involves the non-military activities that promote U.S. policies and interests beyond our national borders, including the negotiation of conflict resolution, treaties, and agreements. In addition, this function includes: foreign economic development and social/political development; diplomatic relations with other Nations; humanitarian, technical and other developmental assistance to key Nations; and global trade.

  • Foreign Affairs

    Foreign Affairs refers to those activities associated with the implementation of foreign policy and diplomatic relations, including the operation of embassies, consulates, and other posts; ongoing membership in international organizations; the development of cooperative frameworks to improve relations with other Nations; and the development of treaties and agreements.

  • International Development and Humanitarian Aid

    International Development and Humanitarian Aid refers to those activities related to the implementation of development and humanitarian assistance programs to developing and transitioning countries throughout the world. Development and aid may include technical assistance (the transfer of knowledge and expertise), and the delivery of equipment, commodities and urgent humanitarian assistance including food aid.

  • Global Trade

    Global Trade refers to those activities the Federal Government undertakes to advance worldwide economic prosperity by increasing trade through the opening of overseas markets and freeing the flow of goods, services, and capital.