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Income Security includes activities designed to ensure that members of the public are provided with the necessary means both financial and otherwise to sustain an adequate level of existence. This includes all benefit programs, both earned and unearned, that promote these goals for members of the public.

  • Housing Assistance

    Housing Assistance involves the development and management programs that provide housing to those who are unable to provide housing for themselves including the rental of single-family or multifamily properties, and the management and operation of federally supported housing properties.

  • Food and Nutrition Assistance

    Food and Nutrition Assistance involves the development and management of programs that provide food and nutrition assistance to those members of the public who are unable to provide for these needs themselves.

  • General Retirement and Disability

    General Retirement and Disability involves the development and management of retirement benefits, pensions, and income security for those who are retired or disabled.

  • Unemployment Compensation

    Unemployment Compensation provides income security to those who are no longer employed, while they seek new employment.

  • Survivor Compensation

    Survivor Compensation provides compensation to the survivors of individuals currently receiving or eligible to receive benefits from the Federal Government. This includes, but is not limited to, survivors such as spouses or children of veterans or wage earners eligible for social security pay-ments.