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Education refers to those activities that impart knowledge or understanding of a particular subject to the public. Education can take place at a formal school, college, university or other training program. This Line of Business includes all government programs that promote the education of the public, including both earned and unearned benefit programs.

  • Cultural and Historic Preservation

    Cultural and Historic Preservation involves all activities performed by the Federal Government to collect and preserve information and artifacts important to the culture and history of the United States and its citizenry and the education of U.S. citizens and the world.

  • Elementary, Secondary, and Vocational Education

    Elementary, secondary, and vocational education refers to the provision of education in elementary subjects (reading and writing and arithmetic); education provided by a high school or college preparatory school; and vocational and technical education and training.

  • Higher Education

    Higher Education refers to education beyond the secondary level; specifically, education pro-vided by a college or university.

  • Cultural and Historic Exhibition

    Cultural and Historical Exhibition includes all activities undertaken by the US government to promote education through the exhibition of cultural, historical, and other information, archives, art, etc.