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Community and Social Services includes all activities aimed at creating, expanding, or improving community and social development, social relationships, and social services in the United States. This includes all activities aimed at locality-specific or nationwide social development and general social services. This Line of Business includes general community development and social services programs, as well as earned and unearned benefit programs that promote these objectives.

  • Community and Regional Development

    Community and Regional Development involves activities designed to assist communities in preventing and eliminating blight and deterioration, assist economically distressed communities, and encourage and foster economic development through improved public facilities and resources.

  • Homeownership Promotion

    Homeownership promotion includes activities devoted to assisting citizens interested in buying homes and educating the public as to the benefits of homeownership. NOTE: Activities devoted to the provision of housing to low-income members of the public are located in the Housing Assis-tance Sub-Function.

  • Social Services

    Social Services are designed to provide meaningful opportunities for social and economic growth of the disadvantaged sector of the population in order to develop individuals into productive and self-reliant citizens and promote social equity. Included in this category are social welfare services extended to children and adults with special needs, such as the orphaned, neglected, abandoned, disabled, etc. Such services include family life education and counseling, adoption, guardianship, foster family care, rehabilitation services, etc. Note: This Sub-Function does not include services that are primarily for income support (Income Security) or are an integral part of some other Line of Business (e.g., Health, Workforce Management, etc.). For mapping purposes, this category should only include IT systems that support programs mapped to the “Social Services” budget functional classification.

  • Postal Service

    Postal Services provides for the timely and consistent exchange and delivery of mail and packages between businesses, organizations, and residents of the United States or between businesses, organizations, and residents of the United States and the rest of the world. It also includes the nation-wide retail infrastructure required to make Postal Services easily accessible to customers. (Note: The commercial function of mail is more closely aligned with the “Business and Industry Development” Sub-Function in the “Economic Development Line of Business.” The international commercial function of mail is more closely aligned with the “Global Trade” Sub-Function in the “International Affairs” Line of Business).