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Welcome to "Ask the White House. This online interactive forum, the first of its kind in politics, allows you to interact with Bush administration officials and friends of the White House.

Launched in April 2003, citizens have participated in over 200 online discussions with Cabinet Secretaries, Senior White House Officials, behind-the-scenes professionals at the White House, and others.

Transcripts of every live chat session are available on this page. If you would like to suggest a participant to appear on Ask the White House, click here.

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July 14, 2005
Discuss Education Reform

Education Secretary Margaret Spellings will discuss No Child Left Behind progress and the closing of the educational achievement gap Thursday at 4 PM (ET). Submit your questions now.
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Previous Guests on Ask the White House

July 13, 2005
Joel Kaplan, Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget

Hey everybody, welcome to Ask the White House. We had some good news earlier today, as the Office of Management and Budget released updated budget projections that show this year’s deficit falling by $94 billion from what it was projected to be just a few months ago. The reason for this is that the strong economy is generating even greater revenues than we expected.

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July 6, 2005
Dr. Cindy Courville, Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director, African Affairs

Good morning. I look forward to taking your questions today. In addition, I look forward to traveling to Darfur, Sudan later this afternoon with Deputy Secretary of State Zoellick and I will attend the AGOA (African Growth and Opportunity Act) Forum from July 18-20 in Senegal. Let's get started.
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July 1, 2005
Allison Barber, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense

Good afternoon and happy 4th of July weekend to everyone! First, before we begin, I would like to welcome everyone online with us today. On behalf of our fantastic men and women in the military, their families and Secretary Rumsfeld, I want to thank each of you for taking the time to log into Ask the White House to find out how you can show your support for our military men and women. I hope that either during this chat or shortly after everyone will take a moment to visit, and thank the troops for your freedom on this, our 229th anniversary of Independence. Your support means so much to them and to their families. With that, I'm ready to get started with your questions!
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June 28, 2005
Meghan O'Sullivan, Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Iraq

Welcome to Ask the White House. President Bush just hosted Iraqi Prime Minister Ja'afari – the first elected Iraqi leader in more than 50 years – at the White House. And tonight, the President will talk to America about our involvement in Iraq, the progress we and the Iraqis have been making, and the challenges ahead. I am happy to be able to answer your questions on Iraq today.
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June 24, 2005
Barry Larkin, White House Tee Ball Commissioner and former Cincinnati Reds Captain

Hello. It's great to be with you today on "Ask the White House." I look forward to Sunday's tee ball game and look forward to taking your questions.
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June 16, 2005
Michael Leavitt, Health and Human Services Secretary

Good Afternoon, this is Mike Leavitt. I am Secretary of Health and Human Services. I'm pleased to be answering questions about the Medicare part D, prescription drug benefit.
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June 15, 2005
Samuel Bodman, Energy Secretary

Good afternoon. I am Sam Bodman, Secretary of Energy. I will be happy to answer your questions about our current energy policy, and President’s Bush plans for working with Congress to get a comprehensive energy bill passed in the next few weeks.
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June 13, 2005
Mike Johanns, Agriculture Secretary

Hi, I'm Mike Johanns, the Secretary of Agriculture. I spoke earlier today to the Western Governor's Association about the Central American-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement, which we often call CAFTA-DR.
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June 10, 2005
Michael Battle, Director of the Executive Office for United States Attorneys

Good afternoon, I'm Mike Battle, the Director of the Executive Office for United States Attorneys, and I’m glad to take your questions about the PATRIOT Act.
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June 8, 2005
Chuck Blahous, Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy

Good afternoon. Thank you in advance for this opportunity to address your questions about Social Security. The Social Security discussion has come a long way in recent months. The President has been discussing Social Security’s challenges in conversations around the country throughout the year. Both the Senate and the House have held a number of hearings addressing important aspects of Social Security. We look forward to the completion of legislative action to permanently fix Social Security for our children and grandchildren.
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June 6, 2005
Rob Portman, United States Trade Representative

Hi, I’m Rob Portman, the United States Trade Representative. Today, President Bush spoke at the Organization of American States about the importance of the U.S.-Central America-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement (or CAFTA-DR). This agreement will eliminate immediately or phase out tariffs on a trade relationship worth more than $32 billion. We trade more with Central America and the Dominican Republic than we do with Russia, India and Indonesia combined. This agreement is important because it strengthens political and economic freedom in our neighborhood, levels the playing field for American workers and farmers, and is an important tool to help American producers compete in the global economy.
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June 3, 2005
Alphonso Jackson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Good afternoon. I’m Alphonso Jackson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. This is a great time to be talking about housing, so I’m excited to join “Ask the White House” today. President Bush has declared June as “National Homeownership Month,” and HUD will be celebrating by visiting communities across America. At homeownership fairs and other events, we’ll meet with families and provide them with information that will help them decide if homeownership is right for them.
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