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Healthier US
President Bush's Healthier US Initiative is based on a very simple formula: every little bit of effort counts.

President's Remarks
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Heathier US Overview
Executive Summary
Table of Contents
President's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports
Healthier US (pdf)
Executive Order: Activities to Promote Personal Fitness
Executive Order on President's Council
President Appoints 20 to Physical Fitness Council

Lynn Swann Lynn Swann, Chairman of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, participated in a chat discussing the President's initiative. Click here to read the transcript.

Take a look at photos from the kickoff event for President Bush's Healthier US fitness initiative. Take a look at photos from the kickoff event for President Bush's Healthier US fitness initiative. Click here to visit the President's Fitness Initiative Portal Page.

Tips from Experts
The President has appointed 20 outstanding volunteer citizens, including distinguished athletes and experts from the health care community, to serve on the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. Click here for some of the Council Members' tips on physical fitness.

Watch video Lynn Swann discusses the importance of staying fit. Click here to watch the interview.

Be Physically Active Each Day
Photo of foot peddling a bicycle Many chronic diseases can be prevented with modest exercise, in some cases as simple as walking for half an hour. There are countless opportunities for physical activity that need not be strenuous or very time-consuming to be beneficial.

Administration actions
Declaring a Fee-Free Weekend in America's National Parks and Federal Lands
Creating a web site
Promoting the Use of Public Lands and Water
Highlighting the Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program

Eat a Nutritious Diet
Photo of fruits and vegetables Americans should make simple adjustments to their diet and avoid excessive portions. Increasing fruit and vegetable consumption is a central part of a healthier diet, and good overall nutrition lowers the risk of getting heart disease, stroke, cancer, and osteoporosis.

Administration actions
Enhancing the National 5 A Day for Better Health Program
Promoting Nutrition Curriculum and Education in our Schools
Supporting the Eat Smart-Play Hard Campaign
Get Preventive Screenings
Photo of blood pressure equipment Americans may be surprised to learn how a simple test like a cholesterol screen or a blood pressure check can reveal current health status and identify a need to adjust diet or behavior.

Administration actions
Creating the Healthy Communities Innovation Initiative
Raising Awareness of Diabetes Screening, especially for Women
Strengthening and Improving Medicare

Make Healthy Choices
Photo of Bike Crossing SignAvoid tobacco and drugs and the abuse of alcohol and make smart and safe choices in your everyday life.

Administration actions
Creating a CDC Tobacco Control Toolkit
Highlighting the Drug Free Communities Support Program
Promoting Bicycle Safety Initiatives