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Health Tips from the President's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports
Healthier US logoNearly half of American adults report that they do not exercise at all, and seven out of 10 do so infrequently. You don't have to become a marathon runner or be able to afford a gym or health club membership to improve personal health. The health of Americans would improve with modest but regular physical activity and better eating habits.

Lynn Swann, President, Swann Inc.
Tip Sports are a fun way for getting exercise. Children and adults should choose a sport they enjoy. They do no need to be the best at it, or even excel at it. It is the participation and the involvement that matters.

Tip Nutrition means essentially a well-balanced diet. Consume foods in moderation. This is what keeps one in shape.

Tip Physical fitness and good health go hand in hand. Physical activity should be a priority in one's life.

Amanda Cromwell, Professional Soccer Player
Tip If you are trying to lose weight or cut body fat, try weight training. Lifting weights, combined with 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, will help you tone your muscles and lose body fat. If you don't have a gym, try lunges, pushups, sit-ups, bench dips, body weight squats, squat jumps. Just lifting your own weight is enough sometimes.

Tip While watching the World Cup soccer games I was reminded of a simple tip for kids in any sport. If you want to achieve your best and if you have dreams of playing in high school, college, or for your national team, practice the basics. In soccer, you must be confident with the ball at your feet. The players in the World Cup are incredible with their first touch, dribbling in tight spaces, and passing accuracy. I encourage young players to work hard on all these skills. Also, don't forget about using your head. World Cup goals are scored with all parts of the body, except the hands.

Denise Austin, Fitness Expert
Tip Plan ahead to drink plenty of water. You can buy bottled water by the carload or spend a few minutes filling up empty bottles in the morning like I do. Next, space it out. Have a big glass of water before breakfast, mid-morning, just after and before lunch. Half done! Drink it up in the midafternoon, before and after dinner and midevening. No problem! Finally, take advantage of every water fountain that you pass.

Tip Treat your exercise routine no differently than an important appointment that you have to keep. If you incorporate it into your life, just as brushing your teeth, it will become a part of your life for good!

Tip When trying to follow any type of aerobic routine, if you are unable to participate in some of the moves, it is best to just jog in place to keep your heart rate up. When you feel you are able to do so, continue with the routine again.