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President Bush's Trip to Latin America

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President Bush Visits Panama

"... I think it's very important for us always to reconfirm the importance of democracy in our hemisphere. And Panama is a strong democracy -- a democracy that believes in the freedom to worship, the freedom to speak, the freedom of the press, the notion that everybody has got a voice. And so it's an opportunity to say, thank you, for those of you who are working so strong to make sure your democracy flourishes."

-- President George W. Bush
Panama City, Panama
November 7, 2005

President Bush Discusses Democracy
in the Western Hemisphere

"As you work for a better tomorrow, Brazil must know you have a strong partner in the United States. Like you, we aspire for a hemisphere where the dignity of every human being is respected. Like you, we believe that the poor and disenfranchised have a special claim on our attention. And like you, we know that we must make good on the promises of democracy. In the Americas of the 21st century, freedom is the gateway to social justice -- and democracies old and new must work together to build a hemisphere that delivers hope and opportunity for every citizen."

-- President George W. Bush
Brasilia, Brazil
November 6, 2005

President Bush Delivers Remarks to the
Travel Pool at Summit of the Americas

"I do want to say how pleased I am to be here in Argentina, advancing an agenda that is based upon my belief and our country's belief that there are certain universal values.

One of those values is that free societies are important to the progress of men and women; but free societies also require institutions that are solid and sound, institutions such as the right to worship freely, the right to write, say what you want in the press freely, the right to campaign and express your opinions freely. It's very important that there be solid rule of law and independent judiciary."

-- President George W. Bush
Mar del Plata, Argentina
November 4, 2005

President to Attend Summit of the Americas
and Travel to Brazil and Panama

President Bush will travel to Mar del Plata, Argentina on November 3-5 to participate in the Summit of the Americas and to meet with Argentine President Nestor Carlos Kirchner. This will be the President's third Summit of the Americas. This visit will allow the President to continue his dialogue with the Hemisphere's democratically-elected leaders, highlight our engagement in the region, and promote the consolidation of democracy and the expansion of economic opportunity and prosperity through open markets and free trade.

Following the Summit, the President will visit Brazil on November 5-6 at the invitation of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. He will then travel to Panama on November 6-7 to meet with President Martin Torrijos Espino.

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Paul Shannon Tom Shannon, Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs
November 2, 2005

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