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America Undaunted

Date: 09/20/2001 11:43 AM EDT
From: Fran
To: President George W. Bush
Subject: America Undaunted

Dear Mr. President,

Thank you for being strong and decisive and for hugging those firefighters in New York.

I often think how nervous you must get, and my prayer is that God will grant you peace, rest, and wisdom.

I have written the following poem for my nieces and nephews to help them remember how America faces fears, and how this tragedy brought us together. I have dedicated it to the heroes of 9.11.

America Undaunted

Flags unfurled
Faith unfaltering
Hopes held high
Heroes undaunting.

Search and rescue
Search and recover
Firefighters brave
Enemy undercover.

Armed and ready
Troops set fast
Theirs is a mission
Justice to cast.

"To their knees"
The enemy thought.
Knelt in Prayer
Together we fought.

Day of Remembrance
Mourning and Prayer
America, at last
Cast in His care!


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