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  • President Bush and Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan Discuss Global War on Terror
  • Press Conference by the President 10/17/07
  • Memorandum for the Secretary of State 9/28/07
  • President Bush Meets with Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki 9/25/07
  • Press Conference by the President 9/20/07
  • Myth/Fact: Iraq Fact Check: Responding to Key Myths 9/20/07
  • President Bush Meets with Military Support Organizations 9/18/07
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    A Decade of Defiance and Deception

    For more than a decade, Saddam Hussein has deceived and defied the will and resolutions of the United Nations Security Council by, among other things: continuing to seek and develop chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons, and prohibited long-range missiles; brutalizing the Iraqi people, including committing gross human rights violations and crimes against humanity; supporting international terrorism; refusing to release or account for prisoners of war and other missing individuals from the Gulf War era; refusing to return stolen Kuwaiti property; and working to circumvent the UN's economic sanctions.

    A Decade of Deception and Defiance serves as a background paper for President George W. Bush's September 12th speech to the United Nations General Assembly. This document provides specific examples of how Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has systematically and continually violated 16 United Nations Security Council resolutions over the past decade. This document is not designed to catalogue all of the violations of UN resolutions or other abuses of Saddam Hussein's regime over the years.

    The Administration will periodically provide information on these and other aspects of the threat posed to the international community by Saddam Hussein.

    Read "A Decade of Deception and Defiance" (html) (pdf)

    Saddam Hussein's Iraq
    Iraq MapIn 1995, after four years of deception, Iraq finally admitted it had a crash nuclear weapons program prior to the Gulf War. Learn more...
    The World Now Faces A Test
    Presidential Address to the United Nations On September 12, President Bush called on the United Nations to live up to its founding purpose and confront the “grave and gathering danger” of Saddam Hussein’s outlaw regime. To do otherwise is to “hope against the evidence” – including the systematic defiance of 16 UN Security Council resolutions. Learn more...
    Vision for Iraq
    President George W. Bush addresses the United Nations General Assembly in New York City on the issues concerning Iraq Thursday, September 12. White House photo by Paul Morse.The President drew attention to other critical issues and the responsibilities the US and the UN must bear.

    The President outlined two visions of Iraq’s future. Learn more...

    Timeline Information
    Timeline Information The following timeline details the Iraqi regimes repeated pattern of accepting inspections "without conditions" and then demanding conditions, often at gunpoint. Learn more...