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Discipline in Government Spending

  • The President will enforce fiscal discipline on Congress, because when spending is out of control, deficits increase and our economic growth is hindered. Congress must control its enormous appetite for excessive spending, so we can meet our national priorities without undermining our economy.
  • Four months ago the President submitted an urgent request to fund the war on terror and improve airport security. The Senate has held up that request because it wants billions more added for unrelated programs. Some Senators seem intent on funding anything and everything - except the things that matter most. In a time of war, our troops should not be starved for funds. In a national emergency, airline security should not be cut back. The Senate is refusing to act because it wants to spend billions of more dollars on unnecessary programs. It is holding up spending on what we do need in order to pay for things we don't need. The Senate must end its addiction to spending while still funding essential programs of our government.
  • The Senate has also failed to pass a budget framework for the upcoming fiscal year. The Senate is returning to business as usual - and we must not allow it to go on a spending binge that will damage our economy. Unless the Congress controls its spending, we will face a decade of deficits, and the President will insist on discipline in federal spending.