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Fostering Long-Term Economic Growth

The President's has an aggressive, pro-growth agenda to help foster long-term economic growth and create new American jobs:

  • Making Tax Relief Permanent. Last year, we passed the largest tax cut in a generation which helped boost consumer spending at a critical time for our economy. To encourage growth in job creation, we must protect the lower tax rates we have enacted by making tax cuts permanent. That includes eliminating the death tax once and for all.
  • Expanding Trade. Expanding trade means better jobs for American workers. For more than a year Congress has debated Trade Promotion Authority. During this period, other countries have expanded their markets while America has been forced to the sidelines of trade negotiations. It is time for Congress to stop talking and start acting. Congress should act now to give the President Trade Promotion Authority so that he can help create new and better American jobs.
  • Terrorism Insurance. Congress should send the President a terrorism insurance bill that assures that insurance companies help cover losses due to terrorist acts. Without terrorism insurance, construction projects are coming to a halt and workers are losing jobs. Congress should pass terrorism insurance and create jobs for workers, not trial lawyers.
  • Improving Education. A growing economy depends on a well-educated workforce. Too many public schools in America are not educating young people. The President earlier this year signed the No Child Left Behind Act, legislation which has begun a new and hopeful era for American education.
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