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Restoring Public Confidence in Corporate America

The President has proposed far-reaching corporate reforms to help enforce the highest ethical standards for American businesses. These reforms include:

  • Doubling jail time for financial fraud.
  • Creating a Corporate Fraud Task Force to expose corporate crime and punish corporate wrongdoers.
  • Ensuring that corporate executives cannot transfer company funds to their personal accounts while their company is under investigation.
  • Significantly increasing the number of enforcement officers at the SEC.
  • Ensuring that executives who commit improper acts forfeit their phony profits.
  • Creating a strong, independent board that will provide effective oversight of the accounting profession.
  • Implementing tough new rules to ensure that research analysts are independent. Analysts should be trustworthy advisors, not conflicted salesmen with hidden agendas.
  • Challenging every CEO in America to describe in the company's annual report - prominently and in plain English - details of his or her salary, bonuses, and benefits.