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Winter 2003 VOLUME 27 Number 1
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White House Fellows Pride

As part of San Antonio's bid for the 2007 Pan American Games, Henry Cisnero ('71-72), former San Antonio City Councilman Robert Marbut ('89-90) and I traveled to Mexico City in August of 2002 for the final vote. Unfortunately, San Antonio lost to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, u but we will most likely bid for the 2011 games.

At the press conference held after our loss, Bob Marbut and I were talking and Bob said, "You know- you, Henry, and I are the only three people from San Antonio who have been chosen as White House Fellows. This is probably the only time we'll all be in the same room. We should take a picture!"

Henry Cisnero ('71-72), Bob Marbut ('89-90), and Rey Valencia ('99-00) in Mexico City. I quickly grabbed someone with a camera and the rest is history.

More than the picture itself, I think this incident is evidence of the White House Fellowship experience at its best. Here are Henry, Bob, and me - in Mexico City of all places- from entirely different ages, background, experience, and places on the political spectrum. Yet we were all part of the official San Antonio delegation because of our past work on the Pan Am Games bid and because we were identified as "city leaders" in someone's mind.

- Reynaldo Anaya Valencia ('99-00)

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