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Winter 2003 VOLUME 27 Number 1
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White House Fellows Foundation Honors Marsha Johnson Evans with Legacy of Leadership Award

American Red Cross President Honored As A Lifetime Leader Dedicated to Public Service

At a luncheon ceremony, Marsha "Marty" Evans ('79-80) became the fourth recipient of the John W. Gardner Legacy of Leadership Award. The award was presented as part of the White House Fellows Foundation 2002 Annual Meeting held in Washington, D.C. on October 24 - 26, 2002. The award recognizes Marty's remarkable achievements throughout her career, representing a lifetime of public service, character, commitment, renewal, and vision in leadership.

"Marty's extraordinary achievements, unique style of leadership, and passionate dedication to public service embody the spirit of the Legacy of Leadership Award, as well as the White House Fellows Program," said Janet Abrams ('94-95), Chair of the White House Fellows Foundation. "Her impressive career - as a U.S. Navy Rear Admiral, National Executive Director of the Girl Scouts, and now President of the American Red Cross - has set an exceptional standard of leadership and service to the Nation. We congratulate and thank Marty," Abrams said.

Marty Evans ('79-80) and Margaret McKeown ('80-81) with the Girl Scouts color guard following the John W. Gardner Legacy of Leadership Award ceremony. "For Marty, service is the bottom line," said classmate Anne Cohn Donnelly ('79-80) who introduced Marty. Donnelly, along with Margaret McKeown ('80-81), highlighted Evans' countless achievments and accolades, her strength of character, and inspiring personality.

"She believes that being of service is a privilege. Marty has a positive attitude and energy that make you want to devote yourself to excellence in all you do," said Donnelly.

According to McKeown, dedication to consistency and purpose has enabled Evans to be an "institution-builder" within organizations that are part of the American fabric of life.

The ceremony featured Red Cross Youth Volunteers, a Girl Scouts Color Guard, and a Navy vocalist singing the national anthem - symbols of Marty's accomplishments in leadership and personal mentoring. Just prior to the luncheon, alumni and their guests were reminded of the legacy of John W. Gardner with a video tribute prepared by Rick Stamberger ('84-85). The video featured footage of John speaking with White House Fellows and other groups he founded, as well as examples of John's personal mentorship of Fellows during times of personal tragedy or despair. Upon receiving the award, Marty commented about how much she was influenced and inspired over the years by John's personal mentorship and vision of leadership.

During her career as a U.S. Navy Rear Admiral, she supervised hundreds of thousands of employees and managed multi-million dollar budgets.

The Illinois native became National Executive Director of Girl Scouts of the USA in 1998 and led a major renewal effort within the organization. Membership and fundraising for the Girl Scouts soared during Evans' tenure, and she was instrumental in establishing a contemporary image for the organization.

Marty now serves as President and CEO of the American Red Cross, an organization devoted to helping Americans in time of disaster and public need. With great insight into its mission, she is guiding the American Red Cross as it continues to provide vital services in a world faced by new challenges.

- Kelly Kenneally

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