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White House Fellows


The President's Commission on White House Fellowships

Myrna Blyth, Chair
Author and Editorial Consultant
New York, NY

Dionel Aviles
Vice President
LM Washington Operations
Arlington, VA

Richard Alan Bennett
The Corporate Library, LLC
Portland, ME

Ari Bousbib
United Technologies Corporation
West Hartford, CT

Amy Woods Brinkley
Chief Risk Officer
Bank of America
Charlotte, NC

Leanna Brown
Brown Global Enterprises, LLC
Chatham, NJ

Deirdre Connelly
Lilly USA
Indianapolis, IN

Les T. Csorba
Heidrick & Struggles
Houston, TX

Louis DeJoy
New Breed Logisitics, Inc.
High Point, NC

Joseph V. Del Raso
Pepper Hamilton LLP
Philadelphia, PA

George Drysdale (WHF '87-'88)
Chairman and CEO
Marsman Drysdale Group
Hillsborough, CA

Archie W. Dunham
Chairman of the Board (Retired)
Houston, TX

Irma Elder
Elder Automotive Group
Troy, MI

John H. Frey
Minority Whip
CT House of Representatives
Ridgefield, CT

Catherine H. Gillespie
Community Volunteer
Alexandria, VA

Trey Grayson
Secretary of State
Frankfort, KY

Frederick D. Gregory
Managing Director
Lohfeld Consulting Group, Inc.
Annapolis, MD

Mark F. "Thor" Hearne, II
Lathrop & Gage L.C.
Ladue, MO

Anne Heiligenstein
Deputy Executive Commissioner
Texas Health and Human Services Commission
Austin, TX

Charles A. Horner
Charles Horner Worldwide
Shalimar, FL

Tom Leppert
Mayor of Dallas
Dallas, TX

Catherine J. Martin
Community Volunteer
Washington, DC

Richard S. Mroz
Salmon Ventures, Ltd
Haddonfield, NJ

Roger Porter (WHF '74-'75)
John F. Kennedy School of Government
Cambridge, MA

Dave M. Roederer
StrataVizion, Inc.
Des Moines, IA

William L. Roper (WHF '82-83)
Dean, School of Medicine; Vice Chancellor for Medical Affairs; and CEO
University of North Carolina Health Care System
Chapel Hill, NC

Joseph E. Samora (WHF '90-91)
Senior Vice President
Case New Holland, Inc.
Washington, DC

Justin J. Sayfie
Founding Shareholder
Blosser & Sayfie, Counselors at Law
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Gordon D. Sondland
Aspen Capital
Portland, OR

Linda M. Springer
United States Office of Personnel Management
Washington, DC

Amy Tuck
Special Assistant to the President
Mississippi State University
Mississippi State, MS

William Webb III (WHF '86-87)
President and Chief Executive Officer
Time Domain Corporation
Huntsville, AL

Diane Yu (WHF '86-87)
White House Fellows Foundation and Association
New York, NY
(ex officio)

Dennis Zeleny
Dennis Zeleny and Associates
Wilmington, DE

Janet Slaughter Eissenstat
President's Commission on White House Fellowships
Washington, DC
(ex officio)


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