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Appointee Directory

First Name Last Name Title
Patrick O'Brien Assistant Secretary for Terrorist Financing
Patrick O'Carroll, Jr. Inspector General
James O'Gara Deputy Director for Supply Reduction
Molly O'Neill Assistant Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency for Environmental Information
Joan Ohl Commissioner of the Administration on Children, Youth & Families, Administration for Children and Families
Jody Olsen Deputy Director of the Peace Corps
Kathie Olsen Deputy Director / Chief Operating Officer
George Opfer Inspector General
Ray Orbach Under Secretary for Science
William Ostendorff Principal Deputy Administator, Nuclear Security Administration
Vayl Stanley Oxford Director of Domestic Nuclear Detection Office
Christopher Alan Padilla Assistant Secretary for Export Administration
Chris Papagianis Special Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy; Domestic Policy Council
R. David Paulison Under Secretary for Federal Emergency Management Agency
Henry M. Paulson, Jr. Secretary of the Treasury
Sue Carol Payton Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition
Marcus Peacock Deputy Administrator of the EPA
James B. Peake Secretary
Christina Hampton Pearson Assistant Secretary (Public Affairs)
Christina Hampton Pearson Assistant Secretary (Public Affairs)
Carl Peed Director of Community Oriented Policing Services
Buddie J. Penn Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Installations and Environment)
Marta Perez Chief Human Capital Officer
Dana Perino Assistant to the President and Press Secretary
Cynthia Perry U.S. Executive Director of the African Development Bank
Mary Peters Secretary of Transportation
Mark Pfeifle Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor
John F. Phelps Chief of Staff
Edwin Pinero Federal Environmental Executive
Patrick Pizzella Assistant Secretary of Labor for Administration & Management
Benjamin Powell General Counsel
Dina Powell Assistant Secretary, Educational and Cultural Affairs
Steven Preston Administrator
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