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Presidential Initiatives

Program Managers

Curtis Turner

Managing Partner

Department of Labor (DOL)


Creates a single point of access for citizens to locate information on federal loan programs, and improves back-office loan functions.

Progress to Date

  • Transitioned management of program to DOL/ Program Management Office in 2004
  • Established agreement between and E-Loans to create the GovLoans Gateway as a part of the site
  • Tested prototype with citizens to validate site design and content
  • Demonstrated prototype to private sector lender associations
  • Launched as a web site to educate citizens on federal loan programs with links to federal agencies and private sector resources
  • Tested live site with citizens to validate site design and content
  • Developed a GovLoans outreach plan, created posters and brochures, and conducted online outreach
  • Transitioned ownership to its parent site
  • Analyzed as a possible common solution for electronically collecting lender payments
  • Designed and completed development for web access to default data on HUD’s Credit Alert Interactive Voice Response System (for non-HUD agencies/lenders)
  • Delivered a baseline report analyzing the technologies, systems, and processes lenders use to transmit data/reports to agencies during the loan lifecycle
  • Delivered a comparative analysis report identifying possible opportunities to improve lender reporting processes
  • Completed a Feasibility Study on sharing lender performance data across agencies
  • Developed a web-based prototype to demonstrate the feasibility of sharing lender performance data across the partner agencies
  • Completed a feasibility study on providing citizen access to Credit Alert System (CAIVRS) data
  • Developed a web-based prototype to demonstrate citizen access to CAIVRS data
  • Completed a business process improvement study that identified opportunities to improve the sharing/reporting of borrower default data across agencies
  • Successfully completed E-Gov milestones and transitioned to the Federal Interagency Credit Council on March 1, 2005

Next Steps

  • Since is now fully integrated, no additional steps are required as an independent initiative.

Web Site


E-Loans Metrics

Exhibit 300

This website is a customized connection powered by  DoL 300's can be found at link.


Millions of citizens and businesses receive over $310 billion in federal loans each year-either directly from the federal government or through banks that issue federally guaranteed/insured loans. Prior to the eLoans initiative, there was no single source on the Web for federal loan program information. As a result, citizens had to navigate through an enormous amount of information to find the federal loan programs which best met their needs. For example, an Internet search for federal loans resulted in over one million links to private sector and government web sites.

In response to this problem, five of the major federal credit agencies (U.S. Department of Education, U.S. Small Business Administration, U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs) came together as a team (with support from citizens and the private sector) to create a single point of access for federal loan program information on the web, which was named Launched in April 2004, is a “plain speak” web site that educates citizens on the federal loan programs and directs them to the best available loan program information at government and private sector web sites.

In addition to, the eLoans team has also identified ways to improve back-office loan functions that may be transparent to the citizen, but still greatly impact customer service. These back-end processes include improving the way lenders report to the government, how the government manages default and lender performance data, and how the government receives payments from lenders.

The E-Loans initiative has helped citizens to benefit from a more transparent and citizen-focused federal loan experience. Not only do they have quicker and easier access to federal loan program information on the Web, but they may also benefit from lower costs and faster service overall as a result of the coordinated efforts of the E-Loans partners.